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Zeb Andrews
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Jesus was a homeless Palestinian anarchist who held protests at oppressive churches, advocated for universal health care and redistribution of wealth, before being arrested for terrorism, tortured and executed for crimes against the state, now go ahead and explain to me why he’d vote conservative. I’ll wait.

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If this isn’t your favourite picture of Jack, then your lying.

I see you’re Jack with dog and raise you Jack with nuggets. 

yes but guitar hero jack 

Jack is just a national treasure
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Benjamin Bohnsack Untitled (Luftbahn 02), 2010Tempera on canvas180 x 200 cm
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When I started making those weird voices, a lot of people told me how whack it was,” she says, “‘What the fuck are you doing?’ they’d say. ‘Why do you sound like that? That doesn’t sound sexy to me.’ And then I started saying, Oh, that’s not sexy to you? Good. I’m going to do it more. Maybe I don’t want to be sexy for you today.
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T-Rex scull.  Instagram: andrei_chernovalov

i want a tattoo just like this but i can’t figure out a good place to put it >:-(
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i’m not even going to wait until october this year
the ghost jokes have begun
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